Matt Badiali Thinks Zinc is the Best Metal to Invest In

If you aren’t sure where to start with investing, it makes sense to look towards a guru. Matt Badiali is someone who can give you the best investments whether you’re looking at metals or other monetary options.

He is a big proponent of Freedom Checks as an option for smart investing and has a newsletter called the Real Wealth Strategist where you can get helpful hints for investments and how to diversify your portfolio. Freedom Checks is an investment option that Congress released in 1987. The companies legally able to distribute them are mostly oil and gas companies. They pay ninety percent of their income to their investors. The more you invest, the more you get back. The best part of the Freedom Checks is that they aren’t considered income meaning you don’t have to pay taxes on them. Learn more at for more info.

When Matt Badiali talked about Zinc an essay on mentioned some of the highlights. He’s bullish on Zinc as the metal to invest in over more popular choices like gold and silver. There is a shortage and mines are shutting down left and right. The low price means people are buying it up so now is the time to get in before the prices go up. Matt is happy with the increasing demand for Zinc and says it shows this shortage will have an impact on price as more people need more Zinc.

In an interview with Matt Badiali said his worst job was as an environmental geologist collecting contaminated dirt. If he had to do it all over again he would take more unpaid internships at the beginning of his career to gain more knowledge about the things he wanted to do. Matt Badiali has traveled everywhere to research investments firsthand. He’s been to Singapore, Turkey, and all over the world. For Banyan Hill publishing, the place where he publishes the Real Wealth Strategist, he is the natural resources expert.

Matt Badiali is looked to for his advice on investments and is considered a top authority especially when it comes to natural resources. He’s been out in the field doing research for years. He has a Bachelor of Science in earth science and a masters in geology. He was working on a Ph.D. when his friend wanted him to help come up with a plan for an investment company giving advice and helping others. He’s never looked back. Visit: