Matt Badiali: Using Science To Offer Sage Investment Advice

Matt Badiali, the founder of the “Real Wealth Strategist” newsletter that’s published by Banyan Hill. Although Bandiali is a scientist who graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences and earned a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in geology, he is using his knowledge, training and experience to help average Americans make lucrative investments. Matt Badiali was working on his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina when, in 2004 his friend who has a Ph.D. in finance asked him for help creating better investment methods for average investors using his science background. And the rest is history. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter.

Badiali was intrigued by the offer because he had seen his father struggle to make money with his investments. Since that time, Matt Badiali has been providing sage advice for people investing in natural resources, agriculture, energy and metals. Using his recommendations readers have reported regular double and triple digit gains in their investments. Badiali actually visits the mines and oil fields in Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Peru, Singapore and Turkey, studies the operations and geologic data and talks to the experts before making his recommendations. His vivid narratives of those visits make his readers feel like they have mud on their shoes too. And his results speak for themselves.

These days Matt Badiali recommends readers of his ‘Real Wealth Strategist’ newsletter invest in led, copper and zinc. They rose in value by an average of 28% in 2017 and their limited supply suggest their value will continue to rise. In 12 months zinc rose 64%. It’s used by the pharmaceutical, chemical and construction industries. Galvanizing metals used in bridges, pipes, trains and industrial machinery requires zinc. With supplies of zinc limited and demand steady, it’s value should rise in 2018. And Badiali says copper is expected to out perform both lead and zinc. Check more reviews at about Matt Badiali

One key to Matt Badiali’s success as an investment advisor is the extensive research he does. In addition to his field work, Badiali reads a great deal each day. He reads The Mining Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and more. Badiali also pays close attention to the Weather Channel every day. This enables him to monitor the changes taking place in the regions worldwide where the metals and natural resources are being mined. Badiali uses that information to put together the investment strategies and innovative ideas he shares with his readers.

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