Mr. Greg Aziz’s Excellent Record of Accomplishment at National Steel Car

Mr. Greg Aziz is an entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of National Steel Car, the top manufacturer of rolling stock in Canada. He has a degree in economics from Western University. Mr. Greg Aziz is knowledgeable in leadership, engineering, and manufacturing.

Mr. Greg Aziz Career history


Mr. Greg Aziz is currently based in Hamilton, Ontario, where he oversees the operations of National Steel Car. This company was formed in 2012 and pioneers in the provision of motor solutions to Canadians and the global community. He joined the company in 1994, and he has served as the chief executive officer for more than two decades. Mr. Greg Aziz has been instrumental in growing the National Steel Car from a 500-employee capacity to 3,000. He has also enhanced the company’s production to 12,500 cars annually.


National Steel Car was initially known as Imperial Steel Car but later changed its name. This company has become famous in the motor industry. Its ability in manufacturing some of the most powerful vehicles is known internationally. Mr. Greg Aziz also serves on the board of National Steel Car as the chairman of the company. Under his leadership, National Steel Car is the only top-performing rolling stock company Canada.


Before joining National Steel Car, Greg Aziz worked at Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods is a company that pioneers in the manufacturing and processing of fresh food. This company caters to the needs of its clients the United States and Canada. He took up an active role in this family business after completing his college education. During his tenure in this enterprise, he was able to grow the business and extend its operations to Europe, South, and Central America.  Click This Link to learn more.


Mr. Greg Aziz philanthropic involvement


Mr. Greg Aziz is involved in various charitable endeavors. He is affiliated with numerous charity organizations in the United States and Canada. Some of the foundations he funds include the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and the Salvation Army. Mr. Greg is an individual focused on bringing together families and communities. He annually hosts Christmas parties where he invites the former employees of the National Steel Cars and their families. As the host, he strives to ensure that his guests enjoy the festive season. Mr. Greg Aziz is also a family guy and spends his spare time with his wife and children. He also funds the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, a prominent agricultural fair held annually in Canada.


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