Passionate Haroldo Jacobovicz Takes Horizons Telecom through Greater Stages

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the CEO and founder of many telecoms and communication companies. His passion has helped him build a successful career focused on drafting transformational techs in the universe. Horizons Telecom and Horizons Datacenter are two of his known companies, not to mention.

While still in his early childhood stages, Haroldo Jacobovicz was already exposed to technological opportunities since his father was a civil engineer. This exposure helped him learn and understand how essential technology is to the business world.

In 1982, Haroldo began a Microsystem company in unison with his three best friends while still in college. The main aim of the business was to help other small businesses to upgrade and simplify inventory records. Even though the company hit on hard rock, Haroldo gained some experience apart from learning a few lessons, and above all, this helped him pave his road to a successful future in IT and computing.

At one point in life, Haroldo Jacobovicz worked as a financial assessor in a few businesses like Itaipu Binational, a power generating company in Brazil. The companies that he currently leads have had a taste of his transformational tactics to the company and the community.

Since he oversees all the activities in Horizons Telecom, Jacobovicz has transformed the company into a popular and most valued telecom company in Brazil. The company is respected because it uses a hundred percent fiber network, advanced equipment, and multipoint redundancy for all its customers. After Haroldo Jacobovicz saw the importance of recent technologies, he was interested and launched Horizons Datacenter.

Through this company, businesses and other companies in Brazil are assured of rational solutions related to their computing issues. Haroldo Jacobovicz confirms that he works with several principles that have ensured his success. He is focused on identifying real problems and helps in implementing solutions.

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