Paul Mampilly shares his 20 years hedgefund expertise and knowledge

After 20 years serving as a consultant, hedge fund manager, and market analyst, Paul Mampilly has made a bold new career move in his mission to help the average American save more and make wiser investments. Due to his proven success in market analysis over 2016, he was offered and accepted an authorship opportunity with Banyan Hill publishing. Read more

In addition to his long tenure in the professional investment world, he also emerged as the champion of the Templeton Foundation Investment Company. He was able to turn a $50 base investment into 88 million-dollar one, a 76% gain over the year. What’s even more notable about this accomplishment is that he achieved this during the financial crisis, and he did so without short selling stocks.

This achievement really highlights what Paul believes as an investor. He believes and has shown us all that opportunity exists even when things seem their bleakest. Today he is taking this championship level expertise to the public. It is finally possible for the average American to get world-class hedge fund level financial advice from an investor with a verifiable history of success.

He began at Banyan Hill publishing with the newsletter Profits Unlimited. The newsletter quickly exploded to over 60,000 subscribers in under one year, simply on the proven success that was contained within.

Even this level of success is not enough for Paul Mampilly. It’s not enough that his recommendations have a history of success, he wants his readers to be able to understand why these companies are poised for greater success. This level of detail allows readers to decide for themselves which pieces of advice they agree with the most.

Since the inception of the newsletter, profits unlimited has seen gains of 14.5 percent, which is nearly triple the rate seen by the S&P 500 at 5.5% during the same time period.

What’s impressive about this return is that profits unlimited is only one of three different newsletters offered by Paul Mampilly, and of the three it is the most conservative. “True Momentum” follows Paul’s personal portfolio which has seen a return of 305%. Extreme risk-takers can benefit from his “Extreme Fortunes” newsletter, which only follows stocks expected to earn 1000% or more in the year.

Paul Mampilly has shown a true knack for consistent success in investing, and the growth of his newsletter depends on it. It will be interesting to see just what he recommends next, but for now, we will just have to accept existing newsletters as well as the free articles he writes each and every week on