Paul Mampilly’s View On The Best Investment Opportunities That Exist Today

     Many titles have been associated with Paul Mampilly, and it is due to the excellent record that he managed to set for himself in the past. Paul hails from India, and his passion has always directed him towards financial management matters. He has been called upon in many conferences to give a speech on the best methods of investing in the stock market. As a result, his advice is highly sought after because he was responsible for analyzing one of the largest financial markets in the world, and his analysis always resulted in profits being obtained.

Paul is one of the best investment strategists in today’s world. Furthermore, the record that he was able to set while working at Wall-Street is something that continually gives him an upper hand among other investment strategists. His career spans over a period of 25 years, and it all started in 1991 Paul was working for Bank Trust as the assistant portfolio manager. His rise to prominence has been continuous from that point onward, and it was boosted when he managed billions of funds for ING and Deutsche Bank.

While at Wall Street, he managed funds for corporations such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and Sears. According to Paul’s observation about the financial world, he sees that a great opportunity is brooding in the field of food supply. Paul is quick to note that the millennials are the first ones among all the other generations to reach adulthood without the skills associated with cooking. The situation is motivated by the fact that millennials have parents who have to go to work, and therefore, most kids have had to remain at home alone.

Without practical parenting skills on household chores, the generation has continually been relying on packaged food. On the other hand, food companies have been in the process of designing new ways that can be used to provide meals to the millennials, as they intend to take advantage of the extensive market. Additionally, Paul advises those whose specialty lies in the automobile and medical industry. According to Paul, the high rate of technological advancement it set to revolutionize such industries, and those with finances should consider investing in such sectors as soon as possible.

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