Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center – Greatest Entertainment Center in the Country

Manaira Shopping is the name of the largest shopping mall located in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. However, Manaira Shopping offers visitors more than an enjoyable shopping experience, but with its high priority on fun and entertainment the shopping mall presents a multitude of additional attractions for interested visitors seeking either thrills or leisure. In its list of options Manaira Shopping has a wide variety of cafés and restaurants as well as other food options like pizzerias and more. Other activities hosted within the large shopping mall area includes a cinema, an entire ballroom hall as well as an electronic bowling hall and an amusement park for those visitors looking for a thrilling experience.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has many features that make it stand out from the rest. The strong focus on entertainment has paid off well. The mall sports an enormous cinema. There are eleven rooms with modern designs as well as several 3D rooms and VIP room for reservations that can be used for private parties and celebrations or for privacy. The cinema is arranged in an oval manner -the same way a stadium is. The food at the cinema of Manaira Shopping Centre is gourmet popcorn, and the cinema cocktail bar is a great addition to the experience.  There is also a huge gym with any equipment a sporty person could dream of. In The Manaira Shopping Centre, there are often live shows in the corridors which look more like performance halls. There are also a huge number of boutiques for clothes, shows, and even food and desserts. In the food court costumers can pick and choose from cuisines from all over the world and in the Gourmet Space, there is a fancy steak house. Even the top of The Manaira Shopping Centre sports one of the best features of the building. For the 8th year anniversary, since the centre opened doors, an addition was made to celebrate. The Domus Hall is a grand open performance stage where many famous singers have performed including Ana Carolina and Jorge Mario da Silva, etc. The Domus Hall can even be rented for special events such as business events, reward ceremonies, weddings, birthday parties, and the likes.

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The Manaira Shopping Centre was established by Roberto Santiago, born in 1958. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration studies that he got from the University Centre in Joao Pessoa – his home town. Roberto Santiago has two passions in life – making people have fun and sports such as karting and motocross. Read more about the mall on

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    Another great feature is the mall’s Game Station. It consists of 1 800 square meters and has more than 200 game machines that vary from retro games to the newest releases. There are so many things in which might have been able to get which is naturally what other people don’t know about too.


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