Rocketship Education Is A Charter School Concept That Has Spread Throughout The Country

Rocketship Education is a charter school concept that has spread throughout the country. The idea was put together by Preston Smith and John Danner. They opened the first Charter School in the San Jose area. It became an immediate success due to its innovative teaching techniques, which rivaled the traditional school system. The San Jose school is the flagship of the Rocketship Education school system. It rivals the success of the traditional schools in the region. The charter school concept caught on quickly because of its ability to reach troubled children. The group was able to add more facilities due to tremendous outside support.

The charter school concept has spread throughout California and has reached states such as Wisconsin and Tennessee. Washington DC became host to one of the Rocketship Education schools in 2016. The organization has been endorsed by celebrities and professional athletes as well. Andre Agassi got on board with the Rise Academy in DC. Reed Hastings donated $2,000,000 of his own money to the charter school concept. He is the CEO of Netflix. President Barack Obama also made a contribution of $2,000,000 while he was in office.

Rocketship Education brings a unique learning model to the school process. It features online courses mixed with classroom teachings. There is a working relationship with Team America, which places college students in educational programs. The charter school system specifically targets low-income families and in order to provide an opportunity that would normally not be present. Statistics show that 86% of the students attending Rocketship schools are from low economic backgrounds.

The Rocketship Education teaching model is successful because it is dedicated to meeting the needs of every type of student. The program also provides parents with the tools they need in order to relate to what their children are learning.