Ross Levinsohn, Sports Illustrated CEO avenues of revenue collection

Ross LevinsRoss Levinsohnohn is an American businessman and current CEO of The Arena Group. He is also the current CEO of Sports Illustrated. In this article, we will be discussing how Ross Levinsohn generates more revenue from quality content.

Levinsohn has led a successful career in the media and entertainment industries, with his most recent accomplishment being as the CEO of Sports Illustrated. He has worked in different positions in different companies, including Yahoo! Sports.

Ross Levinsohn was born in 1964 in New York, USA. After he graduated from Brighton High School, he enrolled at the University of America, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications.

The Sports Illustrated CEO is now focusing on a new strategy to generate even more revenue from his quality content, the magazines Sports Illustrated and He will focus on marketing and digital expansion strategies to create more income to increase the company’s sales.

Ross Levinsohn Opens the Playbook:

Sports Illustrated CEO has decided to focus on digital media to generate more revenue from Sports Illustrated. He has made a lot of effort to protect the company’s digital properties. He had even won a copyright infringement lawsuit against the websites and, which were accused of stealing sports photos from SI and other similar magazines.

The Importance of a Premium-Content Paywall:

Sports Illustrated uses a paywall to protect Sports Illustrated’s premium content and gain more revenue for its print content. This paywall limits the number of free accesses per day and the hours when the content is available, which are 12 pm to 9 pm EST. The paywall was placed to help monetize their premium content and generate more revenue.

Some of the ways Sports Illustrated CEO generates more revenue from quality content are through online advertising and subscriptions. For example, the magazine hosts a website section on, a part of the magazine’s digital content site that allows users to access SI’s premium story for a fee.

Sports Illustrated is one of the most prominent sports magazines in the United States, which Time Inc owns. The company is also the owner of, which features articles from Sports Illustrated and other magazines such as Time and Fortune, along with an array of web-only content.