Securus Technologies Restoring Safety in Prison

When I show up to work at the state jail, it is understood that there is danger around every corner and that at any second i could be at risk to violence that may keep me from going home after my shift. We have a serious issue in the jail with overcrowded conditions, and when these inmates are forced to be in a cell designed for only a couple men, things have a tendency to get heated. Inmates want to lash out at anyone who they feel is on the opposite side they are, and that puts officers right in the line of fire.


When you bring into the equation things like weapons or drugs, now we just escalated the situation from bad to deadly. Securus Technologies has been instrumental at helping officers to get control in prisons by being in the unique position of being able to stamp out an issue. The telephone monitoring system is ideal in that officers no longer have to be in a room to listen to the inmates, LBS software will now scan the calls and if any chatter has been detected on subjects like weapons or drugs, we get the alert instantaneously.


Securus Technologies has a headquarters in Dallas, one thousand dedicated employees, and a CEO who says the objective of his company is making the world safe. The company stands behind their commitment, and the fact over two thousand jails are using this monitor today gives us faith that safety can be restored in our prison too. When we get an alert an inmate is using drugs, selling drugs, making weapons, planning attack on rival gang members, or acquiring contraband, my team of officers have the chance to get ahead of the issue and make sure this facility and all inside are safe.