Shiraz Boghani, Co-Founder of Sussex Healthcare Homes in UK

Shiraz Boghani is a well-endowed and successful entrepreneur who has made his mark in the hospitality industry. He has created an empire in this industry for over 3 decades now, where he has managed to not only incorporate but also manage 19 hotels in the United Kingdom. As a certified accountant and entrepreneur, Shiraz has demonstrated his deep commitment to hotel industry over the years. He is among the pioneers who brought the idea of service branded hotels in the early 1990s in UK.

Mr. Boghani’s life-long journey started in Kenya where he came from. He would later travel to UK in 1969 where he started out his schooling on accountancy. He later secured an employment in an audit company currently known as KPMG. However, this did not keep Mr. Boghani from realizing his personal dreams. He had a great passion for hospitality industry and it did not take him long before he identified valid opportunities to explore in this industry.

He has several branded hotels in his name that have grown with time out of his sheer hard work and dedication. His managerial skills and background in accountancy is very remarkable and crucial to his success in business. He is a key partner in the famous Splendid Hotels Group, a dynamic company where he also couples as the director.

He also founded the Sojourn Hotels Groups which he co-partners and also serves as the group’s chairman. In 2016, Shiraz was given an honorary award as the best hotelier of the year. This took place at the Asian Business Awards 2016, for his remarkable contribution to the industry.

Mr. Boghani is a very noble gentlemen who believes in uplifting the livelihoods of the society in general. To this end, he has dedicated quite a share of his fortune to the needy in the society over time. This is a move that has garnered him a lot of regards making him stand-out in the industry. In 1985, he ventured into a noble endeavor by founding the Sussex Health Care.

The UK- based care and support home has supported very many families. To Shiraz, this is more so a way of giving back to the society. To date, the Sussex Health care has approximately 18 branches and can accommodate around 500 residents. Further, he generously support charitable organizations towards their outreach work in the society and also takes part in voluntary initiatives.

His good interpersonal skills have managed to get him into successful partnerships in entrepreneurship. The skills have also enabled him to keep close relationships with several philanthropists in Europe. Read more about Shiraz Boghani on