Steve Bittel Shares His Years of Real Estate Experience

Experience counts in so many fields. Experience allows people to draw on years of learning how to do things well. This is something that one man has learned during his many years of experience in the real estate industry. Steve Bittel is someone who ahs spend a lot time studying the real estate markets all over the globe. In the process, he’s learned what it takes to serve the needs of clients and earn a good living at the same time. That is what he brings to the table with him as he continues to make this field his own in every way. It is something that he has been able to use to create an impressive fortune. Bittel grew up in thriving Miami where he watched the city grow from a small town to a world class destination happy to welcome people from around the world.

The TerraNovaCorp

Of all the projects that are close to Bittel’s heart, there’s one that stands out. That is his work with a company known as TerraNovaCorp. TerraNovaCorp is a very successful real estate firm. Bittel has spend many years working on his company. In fact, he first began his efforts to get it off the ground while he was still a law student. He spent hours dealing with the founding of the company from his own home office. While law has always been a passion, for him the world of real estate has also been something he cares about and has made his own in every way. In the last few decades, this company is one that has risen from a small organization to one that can be considered one of the most important firms in the Miami area. That is because Bittel cares about about serving his clients well.

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