Ted Bauman Credits His Early Work Experience

It may be somewhat surprising that Ted Bauman, internationally known financial consultant and writer, states that if he were starting professional life over that time management would receive greater focus. Ted Bauman has had an active professional life, which still is ongoing. Since 2013 he has been associated with Banyan Hill Publishing and edits three publications under them.

Ted Bauman makes his home in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. He works from a home office in his basement and considers mornings to be most effective work hours. Bauman was born in Washington, D.C., raised on the eastern shore of nearby Maryland, and received degrees in History, Economics and an MBA from the University of Cape Town and Georgia State University, respectively.

Ted Bauman credits his early work experience to giving him an appreciation for any society being successful when it considers all its members welfare. This, according to him, applies to the working class stratus as well as small and large business alike. He got his professional start and experience in finance directing fund management and low-income housing starts. Since affiliation with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, he produces three separate publications including the the Bauman letter, monthly; Alpha Stock alert and the Plan B Club. His subject matter includes protecting personal assets, international migration and conservative or low-risk investment.

Recently in his writings, he focused on challenges facing the bitcoin, and in his view, Amazon may not be a monopoly, but is keenly aware of its tenuous position in the marketplace that is frequently conveyed to Amazon shareholders. Bauman sees the challenge facing the bitcoin in that it is significantly slower compared to major credit cards in processing numerous transactions simultaneously. An example cited involves using bitcoin to pay for parking garage fees. The bitcoin transaction may take under an hour to be completed. Adapting the data block to address this would largely decrease transaction inefficiency according to him.

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