The Career of Gary McGaghey

Gary has had a lot of ups & downs in a career that has spanned more than 30 years but how has he managed to bounce back every single time? Well, he was born & raised in the back streets of South Africa & tried to prove himself as one of the smartest students in his high school class. That’s why they decided he would be the perfect fit for the role of class valedictorian. Once he closed the door on his high school career, he had colleges from all over the world vying for his enrollment. Though he did think about taking one of the offers, he ultimately went with the USA in the end. He knew it would not be an easy road to get to the end but was still determined to make it to that stage. So he worked hard & pulled a lot of all-nighters. After declaring his major to be financed, he was soon able to walk the stage & get his BS in the spring of 89. Once he was done with that, he had to go take a certification exam to officially become a CPA. After he passed it, he went on to work for Unilever for 15 years. Like all of the people on staff there, he would start from the bottom but it was not long before his superiors began taking notice of him & started giving him promotions. By the time 2015 rolled around, he had become their CFO but this was not enough for him. So he applied for a job at tag & got an offer within a few weeks. He is now the chief financial officer & is doing his best to ensure they do well for many years to come. He currently resides in London.