The Habanero Shaker and Joel Friant

Known worldwide as an entrepreneur and enthusiast for the positives of a free market, Joel Friant has dedicated his life to finding ways to enable others to meet their potential. Famous for his talent in creating new lines of products and establishing home-based businesses, Friant has also used his training in the value of subconscious mental attitudes to succeed. His goal is to help others find success beyond their goals. Friant has used his many career expertise and experience to teach others how to channel mental attitude to find success.

At first, Friant was focused in the real estate field. But he gave this up to go into the restaurant arena in 1995 and created what would soon be known as the Thai fast food. He was soon known everywhere as the “Thai Guy.” This passion for Thai food soon helped Joel develop what would become another great love, the Habanero pepper. Friant turned his passion for the pepper into the original product, “The Habanero Shaker.”

“The Habanero Shaker,” is a hand “shaker” that allows a customer to have a little or a lot of habanero pepper on their dishes. The Habanero pepper has a number of 200,000 Scoville units of heat, one of the hottest around. Another well-known spice, the Jalapeno pepper, is scored at 4,000 on the Scoville. Friant has enabled foodies to use peppers easily and conveniently. He also touts the information that the pepper will release chemicals in the body called endorphins, that are a body’s natural pain relief, so that not only are you getting hot spice but a health benefit, too.

Friant had other successes before the pepper business. In, 2003, he was a top salesman at a real estate company and a prolific house flipper. After the 2008 crash in the economy, Friant became curious about discovering why some people become successful and other people don’t. After years of study and research, Friant wrote a book about mental prowess called, “The Income Thermostat.” He has written other books and done online seminars all over the country, using this expertise to help others. Friant’s “Habanero Shaker” can be purchased online from sites such as Amazon.