The Immaculate Leadership Skills Of Greg Aziz

The National Steel Car Ltd is being led by Gregory Aziz, who is the Chairman of the Board. He is currently serving as its Chief Executive Officer. James Aziz is the Chairman of Nation Industries Inc. too.

He belongs to Canada. He was raised in the province of Ontario. He was born and brought up in the city of Hamilton. He always wanted to have a huge business right in his home town. In addition, he also wanted to hire the people whom he knew over here.


Gregory J Aziz had started preparing for his future as a business leader while he was in college itself. He has attended the Western University. He has studied Economics in college. He uses this knowledge to run a successful business today. This is the way he is using his leadership skills to run National Steel Car Ltd today.

The vision of Greg Aziz has helped to put National Steel Car on the map today. This company has been in the business for more than a hundred years now. But Gregory Aziz was well aware that resting on past achievements will lead to its eventual death. He always wanted National Steel Car Ltd to keep on going for another hundred years at least.


In addition, he ensured that National Steel Car never stopped improving. This applied to its workers as well as its merchandise. He has focused on this vision as he improves National Steel Car Ltd by creating unique, dependable, as well as customized rail cars that his customers could ever need.

People working with Greg Aziz accept his vision of excellence. Hence every car which comes off the line is close to perfect. Canpotex has been doing business with this company since 1999. They have recently purchased seven hundred rail cars worth a total of $70 million from National Steel Car Ltd.


Due to these reasons, National Steel Car Ltd has been termed as the number one choice in the sector of rail manufacturing in North America.


Greg Aziz has a vision of perfection. This is why his executives are creating highly efficient rail cars that are more affordable than those of its competitors. The company excels in both quality and price.


Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car will continue at its esteemed position in North America as it follows the principles of innovation and quality.

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