The Success Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare provides several services to its patients and the society as a whole. One of these is the care it offers the older people. Traditionally, it has set aside a nice and large environment that helps the elderly make use of physical exercises as well as space for intellectual and social participation.

The other service provided by Sussex is dementia care. The institution offers guidance and support to the people suffering from dementia and related illnesses. It uses the care approach for the patients so as to get better and their staff are highly skilled hence offer high quality services. Among the services, it includes neurological care which concerns the illness of the brain.

The institution has set an area for the patients suffering from brain injury as it support them recover. The staff of Sussex ensure that all patients are attended to their needs irrespective of their conditions. The common condition is that of learning disabilities and the care necessary as they tend to search for people.

There are special equipment and highly qualified staff that are always available for their needs, support and guidance. The range of the people with such learning disabilities is large hence more of the staff are accumulated in that department.

In 2015, Sussex Healthcare got an award making it the best and only home care provider in United Kingdom. During the same year, Brighton and Hove Integrated Care Service achieved an award for dermatology under Sussex. Sussex’ headquarter is located in Tylden House, Horsham in United Kingdom.

Its main mission is to be the leading and prominent provider of the residential and nursing care. Sussex has been in the industry for more than 25 years so it has experience in its services as well as the capability to make its patients feel more comfortable in their institutions.

Sussex Healthcare has been able to attain the top position in the industry throughout the years and received awards for having good governance and structure in the institution. The healthcare has also been able to create new job opportunities in the society for the medical platform as it has enlarged in different parts of the country.

It has partnered with many organizations for the greater benefit of the patients as well as regulating health care departments. Due to their hard work and progress, Sussex has has managed to stay as the only independent regulator of health and adult care in England.