The Unique Gordonstoun School That Reveals Children’s Hidden Talents and Educational Potential

Gordonstoun is one of the world’s best schools in Scotland, founded by Dr. Kurt Hahn, a German Educationalist, in 1934.

The school is set in beautiful woodland, walking distance from beaches that provide indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.

They have a diverse community of students from over forty nationalities.

The History Behind Gordonstoun

Hahn started the internationally famous Gordonstoun School to help locals experience his unique broad educational model.

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His passion for sharing knowledge to shape the minds of young people attracted sponsors who helped build the school.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was among the first pupils to join the school in 1934.

He earned a Moray Badge as recognition for self-improvement achievements.

The schools got destroyed during World War II, but the locals helped rebuild a structure that still stands for more than eighty years.

Later, Hahn approached Prince Philip to extend the program to accommodate more students.

The prince developed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in honor of his approach to pushing students to rise above obstacles.

Today, Gordonstoun promotes GCSE and A level curriculum and commits to life lessons.

Nearly ninety percent of the students live in the school.

The Unique Broad Curriculum

According to the school’s curriculum, brilliance does not depend on the test

scores or age but the spirit behind the individual.

The curriculum caters to the

pupil’s academic ambitions and prepares them for life.

Students participate in mountain biking, caving, rock climbing, canoeing, sailing, and kayaking to improve their endurance in the outdoor education program.

They also train karate, aerobics, swimming, horse riding, and shooting. All students participate in community service.

Through these programs, students gain teamwork and leadership skills.

They also learn to be more kind, compassionate, and understanding.

This is a school of choice for parents seeking a whole-child educational and development program.

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