What You Need to Know about Gregory Aziz of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is one of the most decipherable citizens in North America in the scope of doing business. Gregory J Aziz is the president, chairman and the chief executive officer of National Steel Car incorporation. This is one of the world’s largest and leading railroad freight car providing services in engineering and manufacturing organizations. Strategically situated in Hamilton, Ontario, the company has since 1994 enjoyed the fruits of their manager. Enjoying over 100 years of excellence in manufacturing, engineering and the continued commitment to quality deliverance, he has earned celebrated status as the leading railroad car maker in North America. Customer satisfaction being vital, the organization persisted effort to meet and exceed the dynamic needs, conditions, and standards of their consumers as well as the railroad sector at large.

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We continue to give many thanks to the emergence of technology and the ever-evolving internet social media platforms. Find the CEO of National Steel Car limited on social media at Greg Aziz. Passing via his profile, you get to realize that he was born in 1949 in Ontario. He enrolled at Ridley College where he, later on, joined the University of Western Ontario where he pursued economics. Greg James Aziz mostly gave much attention on his intelligence to put together a team of competent individuals. These people possess the spirit of working as a team that was required to continuously expand the firm’s manufacturing capacity as well as capital investment.



Achievements Experience and Interests



James Aziz outstanding performance does not go without reward as he has received a compelling technical achievement award from Tomasz Bis. The innovative designs of this company earned him this significant award. Having highly skilled technologists and engineers work together to achieve common goal calls for celebrations. Over 20 years of experience the philanthropist is socially responsible to the community and the country at large. Sponsoring the Hamilton Opera, the Aquarius theatre, and the United way, Greg Aziz is well known to be a nobleman. His family is well known for sponsoring sports events. For instance, he has sponsored several different classes at the royal winter fair horseshow as well as the equestrian community.


Thanks to the loyalty and support of this great man. The company’s commitment to solving problems at lightning speed, making the flow of work more comfortable is all a great experience. You can build your career with us as the organization is always open to fresh ideas. We look forward to working with you in the areas mentioned.

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