Whitney Wolfe Creates A New Wave Dating App

Bumble is a new app that is getting a lot of attention. Whitney Wolfe is getting a lot of attention from the young men and women that want something different. What Bumble is doing is giving people the chance to engage in all types of things like Bumble meetups. People can use Bumble Bizz to connect with colleagues in the business world. There are many people that are just looking for an opportunity to find someone to date, and Whitney Wolfe has made this easier.

Co-working space can be found through Bumble Bizz. People can find out about workshops. There are all types of things that people can engage in once they give Whitney Wolfe and her budding companies a chance. She has proven that the world is about more than dating. There are millions of singles that want to date, but Whitney Wolfe knows how social media works. She knows that people want access to a lot more than just dating. She believes that the dating world is just a small part of what people online are interested in. Users are building profiles to find better jobs sometimes. At other times they may be looking for friendship before they engage in dating. Whitney Wolfe knows this, and she is doing what it takes to help people build more meaning friendships.

Whitney Wolfe has taken time to build a feminist dating app called Bumble, but she also wanted to build an app like Bumble BFF that would help women find other women that they wanted to befriend. This is a major part of the charm that comes with getting connected to Bumble. People that do not know much about dating through apps will discover that this is a great way to start. Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe has helped dating apps evolve.

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