Whitney Wolfe Talks About Gender Roles

     One thing that people know about in every walk of life is gender roles. Among the issues that women have to deal with is life being tilted a little bit against them. For one thing, women have to deal with being treated as insignificant compared to men. At the same time, they are idealized, objectified and put on pedestals. It seems like there is a ton of pressure being put on women. Then at the same time, they are not respected as human. Fortunately, there are people who are trying to bring forth equality to women. Among these people are Whitney Wolfe, who is the CEO of Bumble and the developer of the app of the same name.

Whitney Wolfe has talked about a lot of things during interviews. Among the topics she has talked about is gender roles. Among the roles that women are made to play is waiting for the man to initiate. Meanwhile, men are pressured into making the first move. Meanwhile, both genders feel some kind of restriction when it comes to their roles. Whitney Wolfe has decided to challenge the norms by going after what she wants. She did not want to settle for being paid less than the man for the same type of job. Therefore, she has decided to start her own business.

Whitney Wolfe has not only shown diligence in her work but also has shown that she has the needed skills for marketing. She has brought her message out to people so that they will sign up for her app and experience the advantages they get over other apps. Whitney Wolfe’s company is a feminist company that is empowering women to go after what they want. Men are also benefiting from this app in that they are finding it easier to get dates without sending out tons of messages.

For more, please read http://www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/.

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