WILDARK: DELIVERING hope for he future

A conservation with a mission is one thing; add in some incredibly passionate and truly dedicated workers and you have discovered the genius of Wild Ark. Priding on the mission to both protect bio-diversity world-wide, as much as humanly possible, WildArk shows the world that it is not just possible to inspire people around the world but to give her a new view of the world we all live in. Learn more: https://www.ecotraining.co.za/about/owners


The Beginning

Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, as well as team of enthusiastic conservationaist that dedicated and just as passionate to tackle event the most difficult challenges awaiting in the vast and awe-inspiring wild places they would eventually travel together. (Taking all safety precautions, no doubt)

Putting themselves and other professional counterparts do so in hopes that others will, in turn, pay it forward. In order to do better, as once said, we must learn to do better. And so they are; and teaching everyone along the way. as well as teaching others along their journeys.




WILDARK 100 Research Study that is conjunction of both creating and maintaining a natural, thriving environment for years to come. Leading scientists oversee the the program to reach it’s full potential.

Pridelands Concervency

Is a land established in order to create a stronger buffer soze in-between human habitats and wildlife habitats.


Mark Hutchinson

From the time Mark was a small boy of the tender age of 12, his dreams weren’t of becoming a famous musician or sports great. His biggest bream was to someday do whatever it took to begin an extremely important way to help the animals, big and small, all over the world.Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/mark-hutchinson/

Mark’s vision came into fruition in the form the of Pridelands Concervervency. This piece of heaven is actually now 4500 acre former buffalo hunting farm. It has been and is still being worked on to becoming an amazing wildlife conservation property. Learn more: http://wildark.com/blog/mark-hutchinson-for-the-wild/


Pridelands is actually one of another 4 global biodiversity hotspots. In layman’s terms, the hotspots are crucial to the longevity of various herbivores, carnivores as well as many different birds, shrubs, and a vast array of magnificent trees that can be located throughout this beautiful land.Dare I say “Paradise on Earth”!?


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