Douglas Haynes The Center for Global Enterprise

Doug Haynes, a managing partner at Council Advisors (formerly known as G100), is an entrepreneur, advisor, and philanthropic leader who helps CEOs succeed through his company’s executive education programs. Doug graduated summa cumpleaude in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University and was an award-winning student at the Darden Graduate Schools of Business. He spent his […]

Randy Douthit

Randy Douthit is a director and producer. His success in Hollywood is due in part to his drive to create an impact. He is a very hardworking individual and strives to make positive changes in the world through his art. He is famous for producing the renowned judge Judy show which has been a success […]

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: featured in several worldwide fashion blogs

Investor Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is becoming a regular on Hype Beast with his latest venture, Hawkers Sunglasses. Among the items featured by the global leader in streetwear are Betancourt’s signature sunglasses line Hawkers and a fabulous necklace line made from recycled skateboard decks. He’s also a proud owner of a rare limited version of […]

Philip Belamant Is Building the Most Empowering Way To Pay In The World

The Epitome Success History of Philip Belamant at Zilch Philip Belamant is the CEO and co-founder of London-based Zilch. He has launched various flourishing payments industry firms. Belamant acquired his success in the transpiring African market. Belamant’s market intelligence and resourcefulness in the African region made him invent electronic payment systems where vital digital infrastructure […]

Healthkeeperz Pembroke

Healthkeeperz Pembroke is a social enterprise that offers health and wellness services. They offer their services for free to people in the Pembroke area, especially those who are uninsured or underinsured. The company is running a campaign at the moment. They are looking to raise awareness of their services. According to them, they offer services […]

Robert L. McKenna III

Robert L. McKenna III is the author of My New Show-Biz: Secrets to Creating a Career in Entertainment, a book released on January 15th of 2016 and published by Zondervan. The book is designed to provide career advice for actors and performers thinking about pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. The book has received many […]