How Eterneva Helps Grieving People to Make Memories of their Loved Ones

Eterneva is a new business based in Austin, which packages ashes from cremated bodies into diamonds. It ejected 3 million dollars for its development. It has been in operation since 2017, when Garrett Ozar, Adelle Archer, and Eterneva founded it. The firm makes diamonds using cremated ashes, which pass through intense heat and pressure. It […]

Alexander Guizzetti Has His Focus On The Future

Alexander Guizzetti has a resume indicating that he has been a successful entrepreneur throughout his life. He is currently the president of the venture capital company, 9d Ventures. This venture capital company is privately held. Not stopping there, he is currently working on This social media platform will have the goal of connecting both […]

Tom Chang MD Advocacy for Proactive Eye Health Amid the Pandemic

The international COVID-19 epidemic has definitely brought about several changes to each avenue. Through changing recommendations and conditions, several people have taken different measures to facilitate wellness, financial stability, health, and safety. Whereas several people concentrate on the most evident wellness-related factors during this period, proactive eye health has become a crucial aspect. Most adults […]