How Marwan Kheireddine Became a Prolific Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been successful in several industries. He is the founder of several companies, including Marwan Kheireddine & Associates and MKA Capital, and he is also involved in many philanthropic endeavours. Kheireddine is a highly sought-after speaker and has been featured in numerous publications. He was born […]

Key Contributions of Mark Hauser in the Private Equity Industry

Do you ever know how or why private businesses and organizations perform at a high level compared to public companies? Well, there is only one secret to this sensation. And you are about to find out how private entity has bestowed investment strategies; by acquiring sky-rocketing deals in several industries such as healthcare and digital […]

Brandon Taubman — Reasons Why Data Science is the Next Big Thing.

Growing companies require leveraging data science to identify a real need and find a way to solve it. For companies, the data science team collects information and builds models on top of the data to identify the unknown problems a business may face. For example, in the real estate world, it means understanding how an […]

PosiGen: A Leading Solar and Energy Efficiency Company

PosiGen is a leading solar and energy efficiency company changing the way people think about renewable energy. Founded in 2011, PosiGen has quickly become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Their team of experienced professionals is committed to helping homeowners and businesses save money and make the switch to renewable energy (Goodmenproject). […]

Luke Lazarus Turns Down Lucrative Opportunities Just to Impact Struggling Businesses and Startups

Many businesspeople clearly understand that launching a business is not a walk in the park. So does Australian consulting firm owner and entrepreneur Luke Lazarus. Lazarus depicts that turning a competitive business to register significant profits is also an immense challenge. Despite the numerous challenges posed in establishing a new business, Lazarus launched and operated […]