Alexander Guizzetti Has His Focus On The Future

Alexander Guizzetti has a resume indicating that he has been a successful entrepreneur throughout his life. He is currently the president of the venture capital company, 9d Ventures. This venture capital company is privately held. Not stopping there, he is currently working on This social media platform will have the goal of connecting both influencers and celebrities with their fans. The expected time for the launch of this platform is supposed to be later this year.

Alexander Guizzetti was born in Michigan and then raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to receive his bachelor’s degrees in both Real Estate & Economics as well as Business Management. With a mind for business, he started working on his first idea during his last year of college. He also finished the entrepreneur certificate program at the University of Wisconsin School of Business. His different ventures brought him to Arizona where he started becoming active in real estate.

Alexander Guizzetti credits his habit of making lists with some of his success. Physically writing down a list of the activities and goals for the day and being able to cross things off as they are accomplished not only gives him a sense of focus, but also a sense of accomplishment. He also stresses the importance of writing ideas down as they come to you. That way you do not forget and you can revisit those ideas and expand on them until they become a reality.

Currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, Alexander Guizzetti works hard, but also takes time for himself, doing the things that he loves to do. These might include golfing, working out, riding his motorcycle, and walking his dog. He does indicate that he is always on the lookout for start-ups with solid ideas that he can provide funding for.

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