Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Illustrious Career at a Glance

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an internationally renowned businessman from Venezuela. Over the years, Betancourt has accumulated a variety of technological and scientific accomplishments that have made him one of Venezuela’s most successful entrepreneurs. Currently, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has successful ventures in FMCG and Ride Sharing, among others. He started his career in a […]

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Betancourt has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Simón Bolívar. With a background in civil engineering, Betancourt has worked for several companies, including Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s “Entrepreneurial […]

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: featured in several worldwide fashion blogs

Investor Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is becoming a regular on Hype Beast with his latest venture, Hawkers Sunglasses. Among the items featured by the global leader in streetwear are Betancourt’s signature sunglasses line Hawkers and a fabulous necklace line made from recycled skateboard decks. He’s also a proud owner of a rare limited version of […]