Dave Antrobus Thoughts on Technology Use during the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused a technology explosion, and businesses are rushing to incorporate it to succeed. Although many businesses had started to adopt some technology in their everyday operations, Dave Antrobus, the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder, believes that COVID-19 has reinforced the need to move forward, offering efficient quality-driven goods and services to their clients. […]

Rebel Reform’s Loretta Kryshak gets the Gwen T. Jackson for the Coronavirus Relief Effort

Rebel Reform Converting manufactures disinfecting wipes made for hospital use in Milwaukee. Rebel Reform Converting works in conjunction with the Kryshak family comprised of Thaddeus, Violet, Michael, and Loretta, son, daughter, and husband, respectively. They got an award called Gwen T. Jackson for the relief commitment over the novel coronavirus crisis from United Way. Loretta […]

Loretta Kryshak’s Rebel Reform Donates Facemasks in Milwaukee residents

Loretta Kryshak and their family business, Rebel Reform Converting, have opted to provide facemasks to Milwaukee residents. The company decided to produce masks, although it majors in manufacturing wipes. One of the founders of the initiative is their son, Thaddeus. He has a degree in both physics and engineering. Therefore, he realized that the material […]

Pam Baer: What It Takes To Giving Back To The Society

Pam Baer is an established entrepreneur famous for her creative approach to philanthropy and community work. She attended the University of Texas for her bachelor’s degree before relocating to New York City to work in the finance sector interested in brand marketing. After marrying Larry Baer, Pam relocated to San Francisco and dedicated all her […]