Don Manifold Driven to Help Others Build Wealth

A wealthy community is a happier, safer and more vibrant community. That basic premise is what drives Don Manifold to find solutions, build opportunities and create ways for average people living in any city or town to bolster their financial positions. Manifold is the Joint Managing Director of Equity Advisory (E&A) based in the Adelaide […]

Fortress Investment Groups options by Softbank, including selling

SoftBank is considering selling its Fortress Investment Group to a third party. The New York Firm is a global financial services firm specializing in strategic investments and has been on a buyout spree recently. The Tokyo-based conglomerate has been looking to sell its assets in the past few months as it struggles with the competition […]

Doug Haynes On Five Things To Consider On Consulting Business

Consulting business is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor that takes time and dedication. Building a reputation and generating the contacts you need for new business takes time. It also takes time to find the right company that fits your needs and that you can trust. Doug Haynes of Council Advisors advises small and medium-sized businesses, government […]

HillCo Partners: How Sales Revenues Can Provide Reliable Information about Texas’ Economic Health

Every state in the United States is responsible for collecting sales revenues and reporting the same to the federal exchequer. This is a critical issue that has been happening for very many years. Through such practices, the country can collect sufficient revenues that it uses to run the government and provide some of the necessary […]

 Gary McGaghey: Williams Lea Tag's CFO

While the world reels from the wounds inflicted by the global pandemic, the role served by the Chief Financial Officers is gradually shifting. Currently, employees are working from home due to the continuously mutating virus. In addition, a hybrid workforce is becoming a thing. Despite all these, key decision-makers have not ceased confronting global issues, […]

Kevin Seawright Shares Important Information That Should Guide Everyone Buying a House For The First Time

Buying a house is not an everyday exercise. Therefore, you might never get enough experience in the transactions regardless of the houses you buy. However, Kevin Seawright has been in the real estate industry for years. That has enabled him to acquire vast experience, which he shares with first-time homebuyers to allow them to make […]