CEO of SMARTFIT, Edgard Corona

SmartFit’s CEO, Edgard Corona, is considered one of the leading figures in the fitness segment in the country. As well as being the CEO of Bio Ritmo, Edgard Corona also runs the Bio Ritmo & SmartFit gym chain, which has 480 gyms that generated a revenue of R$1 billion last year.

Without any prior experience in the industry, Edgard opened a single Bio store in Santo Amaro (Sao Paulo) a year later. Since that time, Edgard Corona has served as CEO and founder of BioRitmo. Entrepreneurs ran the sugar mills of the Corona family in the past. In addition, there was a chemical laboratory present.

Currently, SmartFit is the world’s leading fitness program with 1.6 million members in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. The population of Estonia is fewer than the people who go to Corona gyms throughout the country.

Smart changed the way people exercise in this country, even putting pressure on the market to make changes. These are some of the most significant factors of the Economy of Recurrence due to technology, the infallible scale (recurring), and adequate service.

Edgard, Endeavor’s ambassador, is 61 years old and owns a fitness conglomerate ranked number four globally. The first good conversation with your business partner will help you get more money into the business:- Edgard Corona, CEO of SmartFit. He is good at starting companies, then he gets terrible at it, and when he fails to turn them into successful businesses.

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