Chad Price: Mako Medical Receives Recognition from the U.S. Department of Labor

Mako Medical has been faring well under the leadership of Chad Price. During his tenure, the company has come up with numerous military programs meant for veterans. The firm’s efforts have not gone unrecognized by the department of labor, reports

Recently, Mako Medical got some recognition from the U.S. Department of labor, considering there is a division in the firm solely dedicated to hiring veterans; to win such an award, a firm is supposed to hire a certain number of veterans, and they should work continuously for at least 12 months. Training programs should be put in place, and the veterans should also be ready to hold some leadership opportunities.

The main advantage of working with veterans is that they possess specific skills, determined, and dedicated. With the help of Chad Price of Mako Medical, veterans have managed to build a meaningful career. When companies such as Mako Medical receive the necessary recognition, the veterans learn more about the employers who can help them advance their careers.

According to Chad Price, Mako Medical has offered employment opportunities to hundreds of veterans. The whole team is dedicated and committed to some of these programs. Fortunately, Chad Price and his team have recognized that veterans require opportunities and jobs to attain their goals.