Digital Media Leadership from Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnIn 2021, Ross Levinsohn is widely recognized as one of the preeminent names in digital media. While many companies struggle to transition into the digital realm, Levinsohn has an established history of getting the job done.

Although Ross Levinsohn is respected as a leader in his field today, he had much more modest roots. As a young man, he studied at American University. Alongside countless classmates, he graduated with a degree in communications. There are many paths to take with a communications degree. Levinsohn’s path was truly something special.

Like everyone in the industry, Levinsohn paid his dues. He worked his way up through several media corporations. He was adept at scaling the corporate ladder even from a young age. He nabbed his first executive role when he was named Vice President at CBS Sportsline. This exciting post was just the start.

By this time, it was the late 1990s. The world was changing, and Levinsohn had the wherewithal to see the direction media was headed. From CBS Sportsline, he capitalized on the growing digital trend. He took a short role at AltaVista before landing a lucrative gig at Fox Interactive Media.

At Fox, he served as President. It was here that he really made himself known across the industry. His ability to innovate in technological spaces proved to be imperative, and he was a critical player in establishing the company’s vast digital presence. To this day, Fox Interactive Media has one of the most dynamic digital media models, and a lot of this success can be traced back to Levinsohn himself.

Although he worked with other brands like Tribune Interactive and Guggenheim Digital Media, Ross Levinsohn became a household name when he took over at Yahoo. It was an interim role, but it had a longstanding impact on the solvency of the company.

Finally, in 2020, Ross Levinsohn was named the CEO of Maven. Maven is the right company for a leader like Levinsohn. With a vast media presence, Maven needs the steady experience and keen innovation of Levinsohn. Levinsohn has proven that he is up for the task.