Eterneva Brings Memorial Diamonds to Vermont and  New Hampshire

Eterneva is out to impact everyone’s life with its memorial diamonds; for this reason, it has partnered with relevant companies like funeral homes. Its most recent partnership is with the renowned Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium. Since the two companies share a common goal to make the grieving process easy, the partnership is one of how the Adelle Archer company will impact the grief journey of a majority of people.

The pandemic greatly affected the grief and wellness industry. Many funeral homes always depend on physical contact with the families of the deceased, but the pandemic made this impossible. Therefore, funeral homes need to look into other ways of the grief process other than physical gatherings and Eterneva, which has played a significant role in giving a wide range of funeral homes a valid option to the traditional grief process. Adelle, who is the founder of Eterneva, has brought a new face to grief because many people are now finding value in celebrating the lives of their deceased loved ones through diamonds other than soaking in sorrow for days.

The introduction of the diamonds as a means of grief to the Phaneuf Funeral Home and Crematorium is an exciting venture for the funeral home. Clients now have an opportunity to express their sorrow through memorial diamonds. Since its inception, the Adelle company has had a chance to serve over 500 people. The company’s success has led to interest from institutions like Baylor University who have taken up the task of researching memorial diamonds and the grief process. The findings by the University have so far since it has established that memorial diamonds have become a popular alternative to the traditional ways of grief which a majority of people are used to. With Phaneuf on board with this idea, it means that soon enough, more funeral homes shall come on board.

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