Fintech Adds Value to Mexico as Alberto Bazbaz Sacal States

Fintech is a word that people have heard but aren’t always sure what it means. For many people, this is one phrase that has the ability to transform lives and reach into everything people do and makes it better. Those who live in Mexico are lucky. They have a government that gets the power of fintech and what it really means. That is one of the many ways that the government of Mexico is making life better for their own people. For Alberto Bazbaz Sacal, this is the real and amazing power that technology can bring to people’s lives today.

A New Law

A new law that is in place right now is already paying off in so many ways. Experts like Alberto Bazbaz Sacal point to the fact that this law has led to the establishment of many varied startups. In doing so, it has helped fuel an incredible boom in Mexico. Many Mexicans have been able to take advantage of this process and find their own personal path as well as using it to their own professional benefit. That makes this law one that has long-lasting and highly useful effects in Mexican society for many people here.