Gary McGaghey: Williams Lea Tag's CFO

While the world reels from the wounds inflicted by the global pandemic, the role served by the Chief Financial Officers is gradually shifting. Currently, employees are working from home due to the continuously mutating virus. In addition, a hybrid workforce is becoming a thing. Despite all these, key decision-makers have not ceased confronting global issues, which threaten our existence, including the ever-growing inflation.

Despite the bottom falling off due to possible tax changes, workers’ concerns, regulatory policy, and a sudden shift in culture, the position of the Chief Financial Officer are shifting to strategic influencer and problem solver for the organization. As the work evolves and grows, financial officers who purposefully link the enterprise’s objectives to action create a sustainable business; case in point, Gary McGaghey. He has managed to align economic and trade tactics, which has set the stage for Williams Lea Tag’s growth.

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Future Prospects

Due to the global pandemic, the realities of a shifting workforce, tightening labor market, and brand new working models came to pass, and they all demanded the attention of the Chief Financial Officer. Luckily, the Williams Lea Tag Limited had the brains of Gary McGaghey, who realized that employees wanted a purpose in their daily routine. Hence, collaborating with the Chief Human Resource Officer to show the employees that they matter enhanced productivity. Also, he could showcase the importance of faithfulness while manning the growth rocket in the face of “great resignation.”

Painting the Future

Like other CFOs, Gary McGaghey is optimistic regarding growth centered on people. As the business develops, a partnership is projected to grow between the Chief Human Resource Manager and the Chief Financial Officer, which will be crucial in entrenching the workforce strategies into the company’s overall strategy.