How Robert McKenna III Manages a Hybrid Office: The Boss Magazine Recap

McKenna discusses how he manages his law firm.

It has a mix of remote and in-office attorneys.

He emphasizes the importance of communication and trust in remote setup work.

McKenna also notes that the remote setup can be a great way to attract top talent. Attorneys can often work from anywhere they choose.

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And in-office attorneys get the benefit of working with talented remote attorneys.

McKenna’s hybrid office works well for him and his firm.

He’s been able to attract top talent and keep costs down. All while providing an excellent work/life balance for his attorneys.

A hybrid office combines aspects of both traditional and telecommuting work.

This type of office presents both challenges and opportunities for employers and employees.

Employers must decide how to best use the space in a hybrid office.

They must also manage employees working in different locations.

Telecommuting can present a challenge if employees don’t meet face-to-face.

Employees who work in a hybrid office must be able to work independently.

They must also be able to communicate effectively with other employees.

Employees must be flexible since they may be working from home some days and in the office on others.

What Other Lawyers Can Learn from Robert McKenna III’s Approach to Hybrid Offices

Lawyer Robert McKenna III has a unique approach to his law office, which he has dubbed a “hybrid office.”

In this type of office, lawyers can work from home part-time.

Also, they can come into the office for meetings and court appearances.

This setup has many benefits.

It lowers overhead costs and gives flexibility to lawyers and their clients.

Other lawyers can learn from Robert McKenna’s approach and create their own hybrid offices.

By doing so, they can enjoy the same benefits as McKenna and his clients.

Lawyers can use technology to help them stay connected with their clients.

Planning and execution can make a hybrid office an excellent option for lawyers.

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