How Ross Levinsohn Earned Great Prestige

Ross LevinsohnFar from a typical businessman, Ross Levinsohn is an entrepreneur of incredible resilience, passion, and understanding. It’s these attributes that have earned him a distinguished reputation in his industry. Equal parts innovative and determined, Levinsohn goes to great lengths to pioneer the next big thing. With that said, he’s the brains behind many modern ideas. Whisper Advisors is one such example.

Whisper Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that Levinsohn created in 2014, and this cutting-edge agency partners with business executives to help them reach their goals. Thanks to Levinsohn’s entrepreneurial expertise, Whisper Advisors has allowed countless businesses to thrive. Fortunately, Levinsohn’s excellence doesn’t stop there. Before striking out on his own, Levinsohn proved his prowess at notable companies like HBO, Guggenheim Digital Media, CBS SportsLine, and Fox Interactive Media.

Though Levinsohn worked for these corporate giants during the early stages of his career, it didn’t take long for him to demonstrate great potential. As a result, several companies were keen to bring him on board. From Thryv and Tribune Publishing to ZEFR and Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn was employed by numerous top dogs as his career advanced. This enabled Levinsohn to learn the ins and outs of multiple trades. Content development, event management, sports writing, and television production were among a few.

With his unmatched knowledge and capacity for brilliance, Levinsohn became a hot commodity. Recently, Maven made Levinsohn an offer he couldn’t refuse, which is why he’s now the proud CEO of this Seattle-based media company. Using his tremendous insight and leadership skills, Levinsohn seeks to arm Maven with decades of success. When his career isn’t reaching new heights, Levinsohn uses his investment savvy to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. With so much talent, expertise, and experience to his name, Ross Levinsohn will continue to achieve greatness in the years to come.