IOA Founder John Ritenour’s Thoughts On Remote Work

The Insurance Office of America (IOA) has been in the business for the last 30 years. John Ritenour is the owner of the company. He is the man behind the growth that is being witnessed today. While growing up, he did not have the luxury of things he would want to get in life. The whole idea was to come up with a company that would also benefit people from his backyard. Being brought up in Pittsburgh exposed him to many challenges that gave him the power to overcome challenges.

John Ritenour, at his young age, would see families struggle for basic needs. He, therefore, wanted to work hard so that he would come back to save them from poverty. His entire philanthropic idea was meant to keep on his life, and he passionately worked with speed to ensure that everything worked well according to his plans. He formed a business where he would treat insurance agents as producers. They would get a chance to operate as independent businesses, making them earn an uncapped commission.

John Ritenour retired from the Insurance Office of America in 2018. He, therefore, moved on with his efforts of helping businesses. Recently, he held a seminar to discuss the impacts of the global pandemic on businesses. He appeared to these people when companies were on their knees and wanted to encourage them to adjust themselves with speed. According to him, there was a need to take advantage of every challenge that came.

Working remotely is one thing that made people lose their businesses. But according to John Ritenour, only those who fail to consider the benefits associated with the entire process tend to lose. He is passionate about where his company would be in the next few years. John Ritenour says that when one is told to work from home, the employers save on so many costs that they should use to motivate their employees working from home. To know more click: here.