James Gutierrez Explains Why It is Expensive to Be Poor in the United States

The issue of the wealth gap has significantly increased in the United States over the years. There are some policies and strategies that have been leading to the current problems that most people have been experiencing, which explains why most individuals do not know how they can easily be able to deal with the level of poverty that is currently facing them in the country because there are no policies to help them.

According to James Gutierrez, it is very expensive to be poor in the United States because most of the policies have been skewed towards benefiting the people who have unlimited amounts of money. This has created a situation where the middle-income class that constitutes the largest population in the country is not favored by most of the policies that have been put in place by either the government or the concerned companies in the country.

A simple product that everyone in the country needs could end up costing different when it comes to the rich and the poor in the country. James Gutierrez is fond of providing an example of the auto insurance product that every person who is driving in the country should have. The auto insurance policies that are sold in the country have been benefiting the rich while at the same time exploiting the poor people in the community.

James Gutierrez knows that the standard auto policy is made to address the needs of the people who have sufficient funds. These are the individuals who can easily pay such expenses, which means that such individuals do not pay too much when it comes to the costs involved in such policies. However, those who do not have sufficient funds have been forced to make sure that they are paying much more because they are considered as risky customers.