Jason Hope Sees New LinkedIn Comm System as Boon to IoT

LinkedIn is a well-known website for business types, entrepreneurs and for people seeking to get a jumpstart in their careers. Some might call LinkedIn a “glorified resume site,” but this online career-enhancement resource has continued to innovate making it more useful and relevant today than when it launched in 2002 (Crunchbase). 


One such innovation recently attracted the attention of Jason Hope, futurist, tech guru and successful IT investor. As it turns out, a new LinkedIn communications method has significant implications for advancing the efficacy of IoT, the Internet of Things. The new program is called Kafka. It was originally developed to allow messaging across the many different departments contained within the LinkedIn and Kafka platform. According to Jason Hope, it has application to IoT because of the way it allows messages to flow seamlessly from one kind of internal LinkedIn system to another kind. It is a real-time system. A huge amount of data can be handled with transparency and almost no error.


Jason Hope

Kafka facilitates one trillion messages every day


The same principle upon which Kafka operates can be applied to IoT enabling it to also transfer messages or specific data sets between systems that are very different from each other. IoT connects everything from the lights in your home to your car starter, for example. For industrial applications, The Internet of Things connects multiple and highly varied systems and machinery. Jason Hope said that people from the very bottom of an organization to the top, including the boardroom, want to get information quickly from their various connected devices. Hope said that the Kafka protocol provides a more efficient way than ever to get “everything talking to each other” in a way that benefits the user and those working on the data side of connected devices. In addition to being a tech entrepreneur, Jason Hope is active in philanthropy and developing community projects.