Jessica Dean and Receiving Your Compensation

Jessica Dean is a part of the Law offices of DOBS, which stands for Dean, Omar, Branham Shirley. She is a lawyer specializing in helping families move through the justice system in their quest to receive damages for disease or injury due to ti unsafe products. 

As a lawyer that’s been practicing since 2003, Jessica Dean knows how often corporations try to focus on profits over making sure that these products remain safe. If you are in a similar situation and need her expertise, you can contact Jessica Dean in order to get a free case evaluation. This will make it so that these lawyers will pour over your case for an initial look in order to determine whether your case and situation are a good fit for what they do. 

Jessica Dean cares very much about making sure that justice is done, and that anyone who neglects the safety of others is held accountable for it. She was involved in an asbestos case where she and associated lawyers were able to return over 30 million dollars to her clients over a wrongful death due to asbestos exposure.

However, it doesn’t just have to be for asbestos, there are many situations that could mean that losses that you’ve sustained were not your fault, but instead the fault of a third party. If they acted in a neglectful manner, you could receive compensation due to these losses. However, it’s important to have a lawyer that knows what they’re doing to help in this situation.