John Savignano On Accounting Trends

Accounting is very crucial in the running of any company. According to accounting expert John Savignano, technology is helping to evolve the industry to be more effective. There are a lot of innovations in this sector, and all accountants should be aware of them so that they function appropriately. Let us discuss some of the trends you can expect in the accounting world.

Computerization and Artificial Intelligence

Many companies have already shifted from manual data entry. With the increase in technological advancement, computers use AI to input data and help perform data analysis. This makes accounting work faster and more efficient.

Remote Work

John Savignano advises companies to embrace remote work to help with flexibility. With technology in place, accountants can work from anywhere and deliver the work online. With online data storage and communication platforms, you can conveniently get an accountant working for you, no matter their location.

Advisory Accounting

Apart from general bookkeeping, many accountants and accounting firms also offer advisory services. They come in to help you make decisions to improve your business in various areas. They also help you identify viable investments and how to maneuver through tough financial times. You require such services to help you make the best decisions for your company’s growth.

Diverse Skills

Currently, many companies require accountants who have advanced skills in subjects like data analytics, SQL, Python, and excel skills. Since technology is making work easier, you have to sharpen more skills to remain relevant in the market. These skills also help you be more efficient in your career and offer additional help where need be. Therefore, hone your skills in all necessary areas and keep increasing your worth.

In conclusion, John Savignano advises accountants to be on the lookout for new trends and keep updating their skills. He is the CEO of Savignano Advisors & Accountants and has over 35 years in the accounting business. With his tax and advisory services expertise, he is a great help to middle-market businesses, companies, and high-net-worth individuals. Savignano always strives to remain relevant in the industry and continue helping many companies do their business right. Read on to find out more about John Savignano and his work at