Luke Lazarus Turns Down Lucrative Opportunities Just to Impact Struggling Businesses and Startups

Many businesspeople clearly understand that launching a business is not a walk in the park.

So does Australian consulting firm owner and entrepreneur Luke Lazarus.

Lazarus depicts that turning a competitive business to register significant profits is also an immense challenge.

Despite the numerous challenges posed in establishing a new business, Lazarus launched and operated a myriad of businesses by age of twenty-five years.

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Eight years later, Lazarus had earned a lot of money, enough for his retirement after selling all four businesses. However, he did not see the idea as a viable or attractive option.

Many people in the current dispensation would just retire and enjoy a life of leisure.

However, Luke Lazarus decided to use his enviable success and knowledge to impact the lives of struggling entrepreneurs and business owners.

This idea led to the birthing of Luke Lazarus Consulting based in Melbourne and Sydney.

The consulting firm has now been in operation for close to two decades.

Many people have been wondering how Lazarus rose to such a covetable and enviable position.

He asserts that since he was young, he has always had an entrepreneur’s heart.

His entrepreneurship skills were realized when he was just eight years old when he owned and operated his first business.

During his school days, Lazarus used to strike a balance between his businesses and studies.

Lucky enough he was able to perform exemplary in his high school earning a 4.0-grade point.

Due to his exemplary entrepreneurial skill, his fame was widespread across Australia, and universities and colleges sought to recruit him.

However, he settled on Melbourne Business School where he pursued his Master of Business Education (MBA).

Additionally, after completion of his MBA, multiple companies sought to employ him, offers he bravely turned down to pursue his thrilling passion for business startups and challenged businesses.

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