Mahmoud Khattab article on health sector

Covid 19 emergence in the year 2020 has brought a great thereat and considerable strain in the global health care infrastructure, workforce, and supply chain. The pandemic accelerated changes in the ecosystem and made private and public health exposed to social inequalities and adapt and innovate for betterment.
In this, many fundamental shifts have risen to exacerbate the spread of covid19. They include the adoption of health virtually through digital innovations to push data interpolation and proper data analytics. The consumers have got much engagement in making health care decisions through the unprecedented private-public collaboration to ensure the vaccines and all therapeutics development. The health care providers, governments, and the payers, even if the stake is not included, get challenged and create pivotal means to help them innovate and adapt in new ways.
The Global Health Care Outlook 2021 looked at various ways the healthcare sector must recover to thrive post-pandemic. They devised new norms that will gear them towards the journey that will shape their health’s future by all means if they get well.
Dr Mahmoud Khattab studied at the University of Damascus at the medical school and attended an internal rigorous medicine residency at Case Western Hospital in 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio. The institution gets the most highly prestigious institution worldwide for offering the best health care services in the industry. Later he got certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, where he, fortunately, got chosen to practice at Marshall Clinic in Wisconsin as an internist.
Dr Mahmoud Khattab used the medicine tool to help people heal from the pain by handling them as family members. Dr Mahmoud Khattab works and believes the best for any duty he gets involved in each day. An internist works in outpatients and inpatient departments by promoting preventative care, health education, and hospital admission.