Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddines’ entrepreneurial spirit has empowered Lebanese youths. More than 1,200 AUB students have taken his classes. Many of these students have become entrepreneurs themselves, including some who now work with Marwan himself. Marwan kheireddin believes in paying forward. He has been honored by being named a “Person of Worth” by Who Is Who in Finance & Economics. He is also recognized as a “Humanitarian of Distinction” by the International Association of Human Rights. He has been rewarded by people coming up to him saying thank you for changing their lives. He is very happy about these kinds of rewards. A businessman who created opportunities for youths and women, he also started Youth Inc., an organization that supports young people in Lebanon. He encouraged entrepreneurship by introducing Virgin Megastores to the country. With over 100 concerts organized by him, Kheireddine was often in Lebanon’s music scene. He served as Minister of State until January 2014. As a minister, he worked hard to organize events such as concerts, festivals, etc. He also supported the development of the private sector. With the chaos of the world around him, Kheireddine is looking to the future for solutions. He hopes the next generation of Lebanese entrepreneurs will adapt to these changes and succeed. Kheireddine believes in his country’s future. He’s keeping an optimistic attitude. It’s practically impossible not to reach his goals. The potential in Lebanon today is incredible. He advises young people to stay away from negative influences. He suggests exploring all options. Kheireddine believes in a bright future for his country. He’s keeping an upbeat attitude. He advises young people to stay away from negative thoughts about the future. He tells them to explore all options. Kheireddine wants everyone to be free and happy. He doesn’t think there is much room for negativity in a person’s life. He thinks Lebanese people should spend as much time as possible thinking about how to move forward. This includes listening to music. Read more by visiting: