Oil and Gas Mogul, Matthew Fleeger

Matthew FleegerThe past decades have been a major stir up for the oil and gas sector. The shift to alternative energy such as solar, biogas among others has seen its demand fall globally. Matthew Fleeger, the CEO of Gulf Coast Western in Dallas, has taken up to culminate strategies to deal with these challenges. With its multifaceted leader Gulf has successfully risen amidst these obstacles. Matthew Fleeger has led the firm to form strong partnerships that have pivoted its remarkable growth.

The Gulf Coast Western focus is on scouting, accumulating and developing oil and gas reserves. Matthew’s leveraging tactics has seen the company widen its networks across the years. A well-organized management strategy from venture acquisitions has cut across major financial risks for its stakeholders and partners. The Gulf Coast Western has ploughed in many muscles to acquire the best technical tools and resources for geographical analysis.

However, these analyses are important when it comes to decision making in the acquisition of new reserves as expanding and return on investment of joint ventures. These strategies and joint ventures have firmly rooted in the unwavering trust that has been since the firm’s foundation. Matthew has led the oil and gas powerhouse and successfully established two commercial tanning industries and another in medical waste management. With his broad experience in various fields, Matthew knew how to incorporate current technological advancement in the company, which motivated him immensely.

Matthew Fleeger

Far from work duties, Matthew Fleeger is deeply rooted in providing social support through charity partnerships to Dallas residents. Among the notable ones is Gulf Coast Western and the Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation is primarily known for disbursing toys for hospitalized children during the holiday season. The kind gestures from the Gulf Coast Western donations, resources, and commitment has seen the foundation grow from one children’s medical centre to more than ten centres in various states in the U.S.

The Gulf has also seen the provision of coupons and gift cards for patients and their families through Sadie’s foundation. Notably, there are numerous other organizations and fundraising events that Fleeger has impressively been a part of to give back to the community.