Pam Baer: the Woman who Loves Philanthropy

Pam Baer, who also goes by the name Pamela Baer is a businesswoman and an alumnus of the University of Texas. After her graduation, she moved to New York, where she started her career in direct marketing. Pam worked there for a while and later moved to San Francisco to start a family. In Francisco, she did not just consider her career, but she also made an effort to see good welfare for others. That is where the community leadership and philanthropist journey began.

Pam Baer’s love for philanthropy has led her to sit on many boards and become a trustee from many organizations. Pam Baer is also one of the people who have invested in the handcrafted sector. When the pandemic hit, people had to normalize staying indoors, and they had to figure out ways to keep themselves engaged. Handcrafting was a solution for many women, including Pam Baer. That was possible through Nest, an initiative that gives people the opportunity to grow their handcrafting business irrespective of their size.

Benefits of being in Nest According to Pamela Baer

  • People who become members get the opportunity to get into the accelerator and ethical handcraft programs that help them boost and increase sales in their businesses.
  • Opportunity to benefit from the COVID-19 relief grant. This is a grant which allow the guild members to improve their businesses through the ecommerce platforms. Such grants came in very handy when most economies were brought to their kneed by the pandemic. Even in the most difficult times, the program gave the guild members hope to grow their online businesses.
  • Partnerships such as that between Nest Organization and Etsy provide a platform for weavers to access online markets. In such partnerships, local providers get to learn how to market their products, thus positively impacting them. Visit this page for additional information.


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