Pam Baer: What It Takes To Giving Back To The Society

Pam Baer is an established entrepreneur famous for her creative approach to philanthropy and community work. She attended the University of Texas for her bachelor’s degree before relocating to New York City to work in the finance sector interested in brand marketing. After marrying Larry Baer, Pam relocated to San Francisco and dedicated all her energy to philanthropy.

Pam Baer is the San Francisco General Hospital Fund director. The organization leads capital campaigns and draws strategies to raise funds to help the most vulnerable community. She joined the team back in 2002, and after serving for more than 16 years, she was named a lifetime director. Her contributions to the success of the foundation are beyond her reputation.

In 2018, Pam Baer helped the foundation launch the Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund. The amounts raised will facilitate mental health care and destigmatize mental issues that have been on the rise over the past few years. The program has raised more than $5 million since its launch, thanks to director Pam.

The Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund, through Pamela Baer, are also planning to come with five inter-departmental programs to help improve the public’s overall care. The five programs are Behavioral Emergency Response Team, Team Lily, Solid Start, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Care Team.

With the onset of the corona pandemic, Pamela Baer led a campaign to mobilize San Francisco General Hospital Fund to support Zuckerberg San Francisco General and Trauma center. The team at ZSFG is dedicated to serving the homeless, those living in poverty, immigrants, those without health insurance covers, and local communities of color. Thousands of San Francisco residents have benefited from the program since the outbreak of the pandemic last year.

Pam Baer is also involved in other projects missioned to help the community. She is a board member at Every Mother Counts, Jewish Women’s Giving Circle, Nest, and Family House. Refer to this article for more information.


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