Scott Dylan: Become a Partner at Fresh Thinking Group

Scott DylanScott Dylan is the founder of the fast-growing private equity firm, Fresh Thinking Group, and he has helped turn businesses around for over a decade. He’s also the founder of Decision Tree, a boutique marketing agency and media relations company. Scott Dylan’s background is in digital technology, so he has a lot of experience managing digital applications.

Scott (Fresh Thinking Group) has developed and implemented online marketing strategies that have attracted millions of visitors, thus generating significant leads and revenue for businesses. A study by Gartner in 2012 revealed that one-third of all B2B buyers searched for solutions to address long-term, business-critical problems online. Moreover, these buyers research online more than they would discuss their options with traditional sales teams. One-fifth of B2B decision-makers said that their decision to buy was partially or fully made because of information obtained from online sources.

Scott Dylan founded Decision Tree with a vision to build a successful digital and social media marketing agency that grew to a team of over 150 employees. He shaped the company’s culture around hard work, speed, and fun, while preserving its exceptional work ethic. In addition to pioneering Decision Tree’s culture, Scott Dylan implemented a proven growth strategy that focused on how marketing could drive revenue growth. After eight years of high growth, the company was acquired by Omnicom.

Fresh Thinking Group’s a collection of innovative London-based professionals who focus on redefining the way business is run by using data, analytics and communications to create bespoke services for ambitious, growth-driven entrepreneurs. Founded in 2010, the Fresh Thinking Group is a modern family of professional services firms. He has worked in various leadership roles across business development, strategy and operations for over 20 years, working with hundreds of clients including UK and US businesses.

By utilizing the Digital Element, Scott Dylan has helped to redefine the web in recent years, and he’s guided clients to a new digital future. Scott designs websites to make consumers’ lives easier, and he ensures that his clients’ most crucial assets are fully represented online. He’s a cofounder of AdvantTiles, a leading graphic design agency. Before launching these companies, he cofounded Hecate and FlyLee Advertising, and he was an associate at Simon Nolan and Egon Zehnder.