The Career of Tim Murawski

Tim Murawski might be the founder & CEO of Augmedics today but he was not always the successful business man he is now. So how was he able to pull this off? Well, he was born & raised in the suburbs of Chicago & was always taught to try his best during his high school years. That’s what led Tim Murawski being one of the top students in his class & having his pick of any of the top tier colleges after graduation. 


Though Tim Murawski was tempted to go to one of the ivy league schools, he ultimately knew WIU was the right fit for him. So he enrolled in the fall of 89 & was not quite sure what he wanted to focus on until he had to take a business course. This is when Tim Murawski knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. After graduating in the spring of 93, he went on to take the first job he could get managing sales at Baxter. 


With outstanding success, Tim Murawski stayed there for about 3 years until he got a better offer from GSI. He stayed with them for almost 4 years until he was able to move on to the world of Augmedics in the summer of 2019. Tim Murawski was not sure if he could handle being their new president but was willing to do his best. To do this, he built the best team he could to help manage the company & it proved to be successful. 

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